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For Employers

For Employers

There are many benefits to hiring ex-offenders and veterans. Employers hiring ex-offenders are eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). The WOTC is a federal income tax benefit administered by the U.S. Department of Labor, for private, for profit employers who hire from target populations. Hiring from a select group of qualified job seekers can mean direct federal tax savings to your business.

Still unsure about hiring an ex-offender. Employers can apply for a fidelity bond for the job seeker. The bond is issued up to $5000 during the first six months of a selected individual’s term of employment. For this bonding, Union Insurance Group issues an insurance policy that protects the employer against employee acts of dishonesty such as larceny, embezzlement, and theft. Employers receive the bonds free-of-charge as an incentive to hire these applicants.


Why hire an ex-offender?


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Tax Credit

Hiring an ex-offender within a year of their release from prison qualifies you for the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) ranging from $1200 to $9600 per qualifying employee.

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They Are Qualified

TDCJ provides training, certification, and work experience in many areas which allow offenders to gain marketable job skills to help with their post-release employment readiness.

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They Are Cross-Trained

Most offenders are cross-trained in a variety of work programs which are documented in their work history while incarcerated.

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